Mt Tabor

One post will not be enough to document my favorite park in Portland. Although it’s located in Southeast Portland, Mt Tabor is almost the geographic center of the city. It also has the badass quality of being a dormant volcano.  Side note: Portland is one of only two cities in the US to have a volcano within city limits (the other is Bend in central Oregon).

This is a great place for hiking /jogging/walking.  There are trails with elevation variation as well as flat paths. Many of the paved surfaces are even off limits to cars. On Wednesdays no cars are allowed at all. Don’t be fooled though, on Wednesdays Mt Tabor is not the peaceful car-free paradise you might expect.  The City of Portland trucks are zooming up and down the roads doing maintenance work throughout the park.

Here’s a map I drew and some photos.  I’ll post sketches soon.

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3 thoughts on “Mt Tabor

  1. I loved Mt. Tabor park. I had no idea about that it is a dormant volcano. I liked going to the off leash park with our dog. Even though it wasn’t in our neighborhood it was well worth the short drive to enjoy the scenic park.

  2. **I had no idea that it is a dormant volcano…..I inserted “about” on my last comment. I really need to check my comments before I post. 🙂

    • Mt. Tabor is great! I’ve been hiking and jogging there for years and I’m still finding new trails. In fact, I didn’t realize until recently that there was an off-leash dog area. That park is full of surprises.

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